"I just wanted to thank Belvedere for what an amazing job your team did once again to make our tournament a huge success. Your handling of the storm and getting the dinner going in such a calm, organized fashion was another example of what a first class group you are. We are so very proud to have the Belvedere as our home." Craig Simpson

“I can play various rounds of golf at Belvedere; competitive, couples golf, customer golf and just plain having fun with my buddies!” Tim Morrell

“Belvedere is like my home away from home. There is always a friendly face to be found, along with a fun filled round of golf followed by good food and socializing.” Brenda Aston

“Belvedere is the best Family restaurant in Sherwood Park for lunch or dinner. Being a member of Belvedere is an experience that must be tried to be appreciated. The golf course plays in under four hours and is always in great shape.” Scott Pratt

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Consider the advantages of belonging

As a member of the Belvedere Golf & Country Club, you belong to an exclusive group of enthusiasts to whom golf plays an important part in an active lifestyle. You share participation in a meticulously groomed, championship level 18-hole golf course designed by one of North America’s leading designers. But the promise of an endless variety of challenges presented over 160 stunning acres is just the beginning. At Belvedere Golf & Country Club, there is so much more to belonging.

We set out to create one of the finest golf courses in Canada; enhanced by a spectacular Clubhouse, fine dining, a full tournament schedule and PGA professional instruction. We offer a destination with strong appeal beyond the bunkers and challenging tree lines. Our success is measured by our members themselves: an electric array of active and entrepreneurial individuals who count golf among their many interests and pursuits.

“Our goal has always been to make the Belvedere a central point of pleasure in the lives of our members. We work hard to broaden the appeal beyond golf to bring the meaning of membership to other aspects of our members’ lives. We’re a place to play, to meet, to celebrate and most of all to feel belonged.”
Beth Yaremchuk, Membership Coordinator (Click here to contact Beth Today!)

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It’s easy to belong
Our membership roster includes a maximum 460 prime members - who must be shareholders - plus spousal, family, and associate members. Shareholders are the owners of the Club, with shares currently costing $1,000.00, and subject to an Entrance Fee. Payment of the Entrance Fee can be broken up over a few different payment periods:
One Year Payment (Paid in Full) ($2,000 Discount) $7,000  
Three Year Payment Plan  $9,000 (Annual Payments of $3,000) Or $250 Monthly
Five Year Payment Plan $10,500 (Annual Payments of $2,100) Or $175 Monthly
Ten Year Payment Plan $12,000 (Annual Payments of $1,200) Or $100 Monthly
Prime Shareholder $3100
Legacy Shareholder (65 years, plus 5 years active) $2515
Prime Spouse $3100
Restricted Spouse $2075
Evening Spouse $950
Parent Sponsor (Parent of Active Shareholder) $2100
Student Dependent (19 - 25 years)  $940
Intermediate Dependent (19 - 30 years) $1900
Dependent 13 - 18 years $520
Dependent 7-12 years $235

Trial Memberships
Trial Memberships are sold at the discretion of the Belvedere and do not require an active
shareholder’s sponsorship. The Trial Member will pay a premium on his/her annual dues of $1,000.  A Trial Member will earn a $500 credit towards his/her entrance fee should they choose to purchase a share and join the club.
Trial Member                      $4,100

Sponsored Players
A sponsored player is anyone under the age of 25 that is playing on an existing active prime member shareholder. Sponsored players are typically individuals that are friends of existing shareholder dependents. Below is a list of available categories
Intermediate (19-30 years) $2100
Student (19-25 years) $1310
Age 13-18 years $730
Age 7-12 years $330
Restricted Associate
Belvedere has introduced a new supplemental membership category principally aimed at increasing corporate access to our facility for existing shareholders. This new membership category of Restricted Associate provides any shareholder, and perhaps in particular business owners and operators, to sponsor non-family members over the age of 30 for annual membership. This new category carries with it the same course and tee time access as restricted shareholders and spousal members. Weekend tee time before 11:00 am, and holidays are restricted from play. No other limitations, fees, or long-term commitments apply. It is an extremely versatile pro corporate access category.
Restricted Associate $4100

As a Shareholder you will also be required to pay a Capital Fee of $100/month for a total of $1200 for the year. After completion of your first golf season you are eligible to pay all yearly fees on a monthly basis.