2021 Membership Renewal

We are now accepting Membership Renewals for 2021. We’ve made some changes to the process that will help us serve you better.

This year we are requiring every Shareholder/Member to complete a Membership Renewal Form so that we can ensure that we have up-to-date contact information for everyone in our system.

Additionally, all members that have an account are now required to provide a credit card number.  The credit card number provided will be used in the event that a members’ account is in arrears by 45 days. As an option, you may also request to have your credit card billed monthly to clear your account. 

We are using a secure document service called signNow that is compliant with industry-leading security standards ensuring that documents are signed, shared and stored with multiple levels of protection. signNOW works seamlessly on a desktop. To use signNow via a mobile device, you will be required to download an app.

To complete your Membership Renewal electronically and securely, please click here.

Alternatively, you can choose to complete a pdf Membership Renewal Form. If you choose to use this method, please email, mail or drop off the form at the Office. Click here to get a PDF version. 


2021 Membership Rates

Prime Shareholder $3570
Legacy Shareholder (65 years, plus 5 years active) $2790
Intermediate Prime Shareholder (30 & under) $2200
Prime Spouse $3570
Restricted Spouse $2400
Evening Spouse $1100
Intermediate Dependent (26 - 30 years) $2200
Intermediate Dependent (19 - 25 years) $1150
Dependent Junior (13 - 18 years) $600
Dependent Junior (7 - 12 years) $275
Social (Capital Fee)  $1200

Capital Fee
As a Shareholder you will also be required to pay a Capital Fee of $100/month for a total of $1200 for the year. 

Sponsored Players
A sponsored player is anyone under the age of 25 that is playing on an existing active prime member shareholder. Sponsored players are typically individuals that are friends of existing shareholder dependents. Below is a list of available categories

To electronically fill out our sponsored membership renewal click here

Intermediate (26 - 30 years) $2450
Intermediate (19 - 25 years) $2000
Junior 13-18 years $700
Junior 7-12 years $375
Food & Beverage Minimum
There is a $600 Food & Beverage Minimum to be spent by each Shareholder prior to the end of the golf season.

Additional Options
Additional options to add to your membership:

Locker (per locker) $60
Club Storage (per set) $115
Hole in One Insurance* $15
Unlimited Cart Seat $799
Unlimited Cart $1525
Prices listed above do not reflect GST.
*GST included in price listed